What we can offer

Platformers, simulators, puzzles, strategy, racing, casual, and more. With over 30 developed games, ranging from simple mobile games to premium PC and console games we experience in most genres.

Our philosophy

Our goal is to be proud of every single project we work on, and with a passion for what we do, we have an uncompromising attitude to deliver the highest quality possible.

Game development

Development is a creative process and communication is key. We support your ideas and design with input and feedback from our side, to help you take your idea to the next level.

The full package

We have established artists, designers, writers and programmers. This enables us to react fast and implement client requested changes immediately. We do have full control over a project at any given time due to having all expertise and knowledge in house.


  Not only did Rock Pocket Games help us to come up with exciting design ideas
for our two games, they also did an extraordinary job in getting the two hosts
of our late night show into the game in a very recognizable way. The art they
provided for both games is not only unique but also spot on in terms of what we


- Trond Kvernstrøm

   CEO/Creative Director Monster AS

  Rock Pocket Games are experts at Unity development. We have been so impressed with their work, that we chose their forthcoming title 'Oliver and Spike: Dimension Jumpers' as one of the showcase games at Game Developer's Conference 2012. Their work for hire shows the same attention to detail and creativity as their passion projects, and I would recommend them to anyone seeking top-notch Unity development.


- Will Goldstone

   Content Manager, Unity Technologies

  Over the years RockPocket has repeatedly delivered both critically acclaimed and commercially successful titles through their own brand and for their clients. They are a shining star and role model in the Norwegian game industry showing an unique ability to marry their love for the art of making games with the science of building a long term business and workplace. RockPocket is a solid and trustworthy partner for 3rd party game development who consistently deliver above and beyond expectations.


- Kim Daniel Arthur

   Former Head of EA Japan

  Rock Pocket Games is taking the kids as users seriously and deliver quality. They focuse on  the experience  for the children and are willing to put down a great amount of effort to achieve the best possible product. I have great experience working with Rock Pocket Games both during development and post-release with the finished product.


- Cathrine Fragell Darre
   Pedagogical Leader
   Myrertoppen Barnehagen, Oslo

  Kool Produktion has made four preschool apps with Rock Pocket Games.  It is always great to work with a company, which delivers above your expectations.  Rock Rocket Games has the unique quality of being able to deliver products which combine both a great artistic vision with high quality technical solutions.

- Frank Mosvold
   Owner, Kool Produktion AS, Oslo